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"Imagining the future is a kind of nostaglia." ~ Sarah Green


I find it really strange that when you’re in a long distance friendship or relationship all you want to do is see that person and being around them is the biggest most wonderful deal but there are people who interact with them
all the time, on the street and in the classroom and in the shops and it always makes me jealous because you want to be with this person so much and for everyone else they’re nothing special but for you they’re everything special

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i really really wanna be excited about the deadpool movie but wade is probs gon be one or more of the following: 

  • heterosexual
  • only scarred enough to be manly but not enough to be ‘deformed’
  • a really ableist parody of schizophrenia or
  • just an neurotypical guy who likes to ‘act crazy’ 

and i’m not all about that jazz 

I’m still annoyed that it’s a bad thing to be heterosexual to some people on here.

fix your shitty ass theme and since u at it your attitude too before u go commenting shit like this on my fucking post. xoxo.

wade wilson is canonically bisexual and bisexual erasure IS a bad thing

believe it or not, heteros,

its not always about you

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The bodies of two Tampa teenagers were discovered Thursday morning on a roadside in Duval County.
Angelia Mangum, 19, and Tjhisha Ball, 18, were found about 1 a.m., according to law enforcement. A witness told Jacksonville news station WJAX the teenagers were bound with zip ties and lying on top of one another.
"Two witnesses were driving by and they saw bodies and they called 911," Sgt. T.K. Waters told news station WJXT.
Officers were dispatched to Sisson Drive, near the intersection of Main Street North and Clark Road.
Investigators suspect foul play and are trying to determine the causes of death.
"They were in an area where they would have been noticed, so I think it was fairly recently since they’d been left there,” Waters also told WJXT.
A medical examiner has taken the bodies to determine the cause of death.
"I just don’t understand what happened," Ball’s sister, Crystal Moore, said.
According to Moore, both women had been living in the Jacksonville area off and on for approximately a year and a half.
"I feel like sometimes that I failed," Ball’s mother, Jerlean Moore, said. "What could I have done? What could I have taught her better? It hurts…it really hurts."
It’s a pain that’s only worsened by the fact that no one has been caught.



let’s care just as much about black girls being murdered as we do about black boys. signal boost.

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destroy this new idea that a woman can’t be strong if she cries over a man she’s lost. destroy the idea that you have to be cold and emotionally detached in order to be a strong woman

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Rainy Day Porcelain Coffee / Tea Cup

Enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee on your next rainy day with a cup to match the weather. Includes saucer and cup, both crafted out of porcelain. Sold on Etsy.

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the whole “anger is poisonous and bad for u” mindset was created by people who didn’t want to deal w the justified anger directed at them by others

anger is powerful and important, anger is fuel, and only you determine whether or not your anger is good or bad for you

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3dsboy asked: ive seen that video and holy shit like the guy after he showed himself who he was, was like "you denied a nice honest guy, but beated off a thug like this" like when he was the "nice guy" he bothered her by saying "i dont thinky our boyfriend would mind, etc" and making the situation awkward, like he was playing an AWKWARD GUY for AWKWARD situation, i wouldnt have given out my number to some random dude if i felt awk, y know, but that video made me so furious



hold head in hands

the whole thing where “”“”nice guys”“”“” get denied by girls….it’s not bc they’re “”“nice”“”“” it’s bc they often LACK SOCIAL SKILLS AND MAKE GIRLS UNCOMFORTABLE why is that so hard to grasp???? oh wait bc they lack social skills and the ability to self reflect so they blame other people instead of examinng their own behavior lol

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"I almost thanked you for
teaching me something about survival
back there,
but then I remembered
that the ocean never
handed me the gift of swimming.
I gave it to myself."
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For real what happens to Santa when the Polar Icecaps melt? Like humans, we’re destroying his home. We’re killing Santa. We’re murdering Christmas.

So what you’re saying is, it’s people who deny climate change that are waging the REAL war on Christmas.


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